How Does ZS Floor Tech Make a Logo On Michael Jordan Basketball Court Tiles?

How Does ZS Floor Tech Make a Logo On Michael Jordan Basketball Court Tiles?

Imagine stepping onto your very own basketball court. Adorned with the iconic Jumpman logo, proudly represents the spirit of Michael Jordan.

ZSFloor Tech makes this dream a reality by offering personalized logos for Michael Jordan basketball court tiles. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just want a unique touch to your court, ZSFloor Tech ensures a seamless design and installation process.

This article brings you a go-to guide that educates you on how to get a customized jordan basketball court logo with ZS Flooring. Let's get started!

Why Does ZS Floor Offer a DIY Logo?

Creating a personalized Michael Jordan basketball court demands creativity and personalization. ZSFloor Tech empowers customers with a DIY logo option, allowing them to contribute to the design process. This ensures that your court reflects your passion and style, creating a unique space that goes beyond the ordinary.

How Does ZSFloor Tech Make a Logo on Michael Jordan Basketball Court?

ZS Floor follows a systemic procedure to make DIY custom-printed tiles. Let's check out how we get the final product after a series of processes.

1. Make Design and Drawing

It begins by sharing the dimensions of your basketball court and a photo of the desired logo. The experienced designers at ZSFloor Tech resize and position the logo accurately, creating initial drawings for customer feedback. Through a collaborative process of feedback and revisions, the ideal location and size of the logo are confirmed.

2. Make Logo Template

ZSFloor Tech takes precision seriously. After finalizing the design, the company provides CDR drawings to an advertising agency. The agency then crafts a PVC template for the logo. This meticulous step ensures accurate line drawings, preventing colors from bleeding into unwanted areas and enhancing the overall quality of the logo.

3. Paint Interface Agent

Setting themselves apart from conventional methods, ZSFloor Tech applies a transparent interface agent on the floor before drawing lines and logos. This innovative approach increases the paint's contact area with the floor and enhances adhesion. The interface agent's polarity aligns with the paint, creating a secure bond that prevents fading after extended use.

4. Paint Logos

ZSFloor Tech's commitment to quality shines through in the painting process. Professional workers utilize machines to spray logos evenly on the floor, ensuring consistency and precision. Whether the logo has a single color or a vibrant palette, ZSFloor Tech guarantees top-notch quality by employing this advanced painting technique.

5. Tiles-Airing

Patience is key in the final stages. After the logos are painted, ZSFloor Tech allows 2-3 days for the paint to dry completely. This drying period ensures that the logos do not smudge or fall off after installation. All of this patience finally ends in a durable and long-lasting finish.

6. Package and Ship

ZSFloor Tech adds the finishing touch by numbering each floor before carefully packing and shipping it to your door. Upon receiving the goods, customers can easily assemble each floor according to the provided drawings. Once assembled, it's like bringing their dream Michael Jordan basketball court to life.


Ultimately, your court, your logo – thanks to ZSFloor Tech. DIY makes it yours. From design to paint, they've got it covered. Just assemble, and your Michael Jordan court is ready to rule.

So, hop on your personalized court, showcasing the iconic MJ logo. Feel your connection to the phenomenal team while being on one of the toughest courts, customized to precision.