Incense burners: what are they for and what types exist

Incense burners: what are they for and what types exist

A lot of research has been done on what the smell of incense causes in people and its multiple benefits. Its aroma and different properties to influence people in a positive way, has made the incense burner an accessory in many homes.

On more than one occasion someone has visited a store or massage center where they have an incense burner. Incense emits an aroma that, in addition to providing a feeling of relaxation, according to experts is a technique widely used to generate well-being and peace in spaces.

Aromatherapy is an increasingly popular practice among those seeking alternatives to relax or find inner peace as a spiritual resource. It has emerged as a method based on aromatic products, essential oils, among other fragrances, with the purpose of finding physical and psychological well-being.

In many cases, aromatherapy is considered an effective method, and the incense burner is one of many methods used during its application to stimulate patients with scents.

Although there is no medical or scientific evidence that aromatherapy can prevent or cure any disease, from a spiritual and emotional point of view, several benefits have been found.

What is incense?

Incense is made of vegetable resins, which when burned or exposed to fire, emit different scents or aromas. To enhance the intensity of the aromas or improve the aromatic experience, oils with traditional scents such as lavender, among others, are often added.

The tradition of using incense burners is not something new, it dates back to ancient times, especially in rituals related to religious ceremonies around the world. In many of them to contact ancestral spirits as a tradition.

This practice comes from many ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Romans and many more, as a way to achieve a more harmonious space with the cosmos.

The use of incense burner

It has been proven that when using an incense burner, one inhales an aroma that generates an alchemical effect on people. Therefore, many cultures and practices of emotional well-being use it as a resource to ward off negative energies and as a purification of the soul.

This technique is nowadays used in a domestic way and also in a professional way by massage centers and spas, as well as by aromatherapy experts.

Types of incense burners

The most common are stick burners, these sticks are easier to handle and can be of many different scents such as sandalwood, cherry, coconut, cinnamon and more.

Many incense burners are metallic and have a handle for better handling, and others without wood, which are preferred by many since this material preserves the aroma for much longer.

What to know before buying an incense burner

There are many types of incense burners on the market, especially because in addition to fulfilling their main function, they have also become a decorative piece for many spaces in the home and even in workplaces.

Most of these are made of metal, ceramic or wood. Ideally, they should be easy to clean and have a shape that prevents smoke from escaping.

For domestic use and for the aroma to be better distributed throughout the house, it is recommended that the incense burner has enough water so that some of it remains in the burner after the incense sticks finish burning.