Listing Some of the Coolest Artificial Grass Suppliers from China

Listing Some of the Coolest Artificial Grass Suppliers from China

Artificial turf is nothing but a surface that is made up of synthetic fibers and provides a clear resemblance to natural grass. Artificial turf is often one of the ornamental commodities which can be installed in residential lawns or any commercial places to furnish an artificial grass look.

However, it can be used in any kind of sports hall where normal grass cannot be utilized. In the present day, acceptance of artificial turf is much into fashion providing an authentic rather than greenery look to any corner.

The article is presented in front of the audience to provide them with all possible information about artificial grass suppliers and their products. Along with this as the content proceeds, it will elaborate on the reason why one can go with CCGrass when it comes to artificial grass.

CCGrass- Coolest Artificial Grass Supplier

This section will illustrate some reasons why CCGrass is considered one of the most accessible artificial grass suppliers:

· Leading artificial grass factory

CCGrass started manufacturing artificial grass in 2002 and now operates the world’s largest artificial grass factory, with an annual capacity of over 90,000,000㎡.  It is with 4000+ employees carefully performing every step in the production process, including yarn extrusion and twisting, turf tufting, latex or PU backing and finishing.

· Advanced R&D standard

CCGrass has an ongoing commitment to the quality of synthetic turf. Based on more than 20 years of development and manufacturing experience, the synthetic turf products meet the highest standards of leading sports organizations, such as FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, GAA and ITF.

· Products Catalog

Artificial turf can be considered a decorative item for houses. However, it has some other uses too.

1. Football Turf

This brand provides turf which is quite acceptable for football matches. Some extraordinary features of these types of football turf are shock absorption (62% - 68%), ball roll (4-8 m), skin friction (0.35-0.75), and vertical ball rebound (0.6-0.85 m).

2. Hockey Turf

This kind of hockey turf is best for any hockey club. The features of this product include Ball Rebound of 100 mm - 400 mm, Ball Roll ≥10m, Shock Absorption of 45%-60%, Ball Roll Deviation of 9.5±0.01m, and so on.

3. Rugby Turf

For Rugby, the players need high intensity to run. However, installing this kind of product is best for players as it won't cause any effect on the velocity of the player while playing.

4. Tennis Turf

The fiber of this kind of product is fibrillating structure and monofilament fiber which provides a high-performance activity. However, it's a long-term product with high resistance capability.


From the above-mentioned segments of the blog hopefully, it's quite clear about artificial turf. CCGrass is one of those brands on which the audience can easily rely on without any hesitation. So go and acquire your favorite ones.