Product Review: The Vapsi OAO Rechargeable Disposable Vape

Product Review: The Vapsi OAO Rechargeable Disposable Vape

The vaspi rechargeable disposable vape is one that has a lot of great features and amazing advantages. It is a vape you will want to try out as a vape lover. Let's carefully review the features of this vape in this guide;

Product Description

When you first see the Vaspi oao vape, you will first think it is one cute little toy. That is because of the shape and small size. This item has a portable square size with 45mm on both sides. The weight is also very low as it weighs 72g, which makes it easy to carry it around.

This device may have a small size, but there is nothing small about the performance of the vape. You can puff more than 5000 puffs with this vape, even with its size. More so, there is a battery that has a 650mAh capacity. That battery means you can use the vape for multiple days.

Once you have done your over 5000 puffs, you have the right to recharge the vape and reuse it again. Therefore, you can rest assured that this vape will last you for a long period.

Product features

One reason for the relevance of the vaspi oao vape to date is its amazing features. These features are what draw people to the product. Let's take a close look at some of the features of this product.

Strong battery

The strong battery of the disposable vape is one of the best features of the device. The 650mah battery means you can use the vape consistently for at least two days. No matter how much you love vaping, you can not always take a puff for 24 hours. Hence, your vape will basically never go off with this battery.

6000 puffs

With the vape, you have enough puffs to take you on. There are almost 6000 puffs within this vape. That means, if you decide to take a puff every second of the day, you will still have some more puffs remaining within the vape.

Portable size

If you love vaping a lot, there is no way your vape is not going everywhere with you. As a result, it is crucial that your vape needs to be a small size to go everywhere with you. This will be an impossible situation if your vape weighs too heavily. This Rechargeable vape weighs a little over 70 grams, hence, carrying it is simple.

Low nicotine

Like it or not, nicotine is not always great for your body. This brand understands this, and as such, they have a little amount of nicotine per puff. You are only taking in 5% nicotine in the device.


When it comes to a disposable vape, Vaspi is one of the best brands, and they came through well with the OAO disposable. This vape is one of the best out there, and the fact that you have diverse flavor options is a plus. The sleek appearance of the vape with its portable size makes it the best for people who love to move around with a vape. You can also read through the features and advantages, as discussed above.