The Evolution of FUT Coins

The Evolution of FUT Coins

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) coins have evolved over the years, becoming an integral part of the FIFA gaming experience. These virtual coins serve as the primary currency in the FUT mode, allowing players to purchase packs, and cards, and even gain entry into specific game modes. With each new FIFA edition, including the anticipated FUT 24 coins for PS4, the significance of these coins continues to grow. This article delves into the evolution of FUT coins and offers insights into their significance and ways to earn them.

The Origin and Purpose of FUT Coins

FUT coins were introduced as a virtual currency when the Ultimate Team mode was launched in FIFA 09. These coins are used in both FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile. Players can spend these coins to buy packs from the store, purchase items and cards from the market, and pay for FUT entries, such as the FUT Draft mode. Although the worth of a FIFA coin isn't set in monetary terms, one FIFA coin is roughly equal to USD 0.0002 based on the amount of work required to obtain them through playing FUT matches.

Earning FUT Coins: Methods and Strategies

There are several ways to earn FUT coins in the game:

Playing Matches: Every match you play in FUT mode rewards you with coins based on your performance. Achievements like goals scored and ball possession can increase the number of coins you earn.

Selling Items: Players can sell items on the market or use the Quick Sell option to earn coins.

Completing Objectives: By achieving specific objectives, players can earn coins as rewards.

The Market Dynamics of FUT Coins

Trading FUT coins with real money is considered a violation of EA Sports' Terms of Service. Engaging in such activities can result in a permanent ban from the game. However, there are legitimate ways to earn coins:

Buying FIFA Points: Players can purchase FIFA Points with real money and then use these points to buy packs. The cards from these packs can then be sold for coins on the market.

Pack Purchases: Players can use their coins to buy packs containing random cards. While this method is risky, there's a chance of obtaining a valuable card worth a significant amount of coins.

Selling Unwanted Cards: Over time, players accumulate cards they no longer need. Selling these cards on the market can be a good source of coins.

Advanced Strategies for Earning Coins

For those looking to maximize their coin earnings, several advanced strategies can be employed:

Understanding Card Value: Before selling a card, it's crucial to understand its real value. Factors like player chemistry styles or alternate positions can influence a card's market price.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC): FIFA 23 introduced SBCs, which require players to build teams meeting specific conditions. While the rewards from SBCs are untradeable, the demand for certain cards can increase during an SBC, allowing players to sell these cards at a higher price.

Market Sniping: This involves constantly monitoring the market for underpriced cards and purchasing them before others. This strategy requires patience and quick decision-making.


The evolution of FUT coins has added depth and strategy to the FIFA gaming experience. While earning coins requires effort, understanding the game's mechanics and market dynamics can lead to substantial rewards. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated FUT enthusiast, mastering the art of earning and managing FUT coins can enhance your FIFA experience.