Tips on Using HUAWEI Scale 3 for your health

Tips on Using HUAWEI Scale 3 for your health

The HUAWEI Scale 3 is a smart health scale that can measure weight, body mass index (BMI), and body fat percentage. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app integration to track their health data on their smartphones.

HUAWEI Scale 3 is a scale with a weight management function. It has an upper limit of 450kg and measures in 100g increments. You can store up to 10 people's data on it, each having their profile; you can use the app (Huawei Wear) to set your personal goal, track your weight and BMI, monitor your water intake and physical activity, as well as see how you compare with others in the same age group.

The HUAWEI Scale 3 is made of high-quality material and features a sleek design. It is easy to use and provides accurate measurements. Regarding these functionalities, it is better to go for a scale sale.

Now let's look at the tips on using HUAWEI Scale 3 for your health.

Tip#1. How to set up your profile

Once you have registered the scale, you can name it, choose your gender and enter your birthday to calculate your age. Then set up a "reference weight," which is the standard weight based on your height, gender, age group. To measure yourself more precisely, later on, you should also input your typical weight by stepping on the scale once before breakfast with no shoes or clothes on. You can then adjust this number if needed according to how accurate it was compared to weighing yourself again after breakfast.

Tip#2. How to weigh yourself

First step: Use HUAWEI Wear (Android & iOS) to sign in with the same account as that of the scale; Second step: Go back home (Android) after signing in; Third step: Add the scale (Android) and choose to add a new device; Fourth step: Choose your reference weight and tap "save" after weighing yourself once with the scale.

There are two ways to weigh yourself: you can either step on it barefoot or wear socks (to determine whether your feet sweat), and you should always be standing upright with your arms at your sides when using it.

Tip#3. How to use the health app

The HUAWEI health App is available for free download in Google Play, Apple Store, or Huawei. After signing in, you will find the profile picture of the scale under "My Devices." And then, there are three tabs on top, namely Profile, Goal setting & Tracking, Settings. Under each tab, there are multiple functions you can use.

Under the Profile tab, you can find your personal information such as weight, height, BMI, and water intake. You can also set your goal weight and track your progress. You can find the same information and physical activity data under the Goal setting & Tracking tab. And lastly, under the Settings tab, you can change the unit of measurement, language, and more.

Overall, HUAWEI Scale 3 is a handy device that helps you keep track of your weight and BMI, as well as your daily water intake and physical activity. With its user-friendly app, it's easy to monitor your progress and set goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle. So go ahead and give HUAWEI Scale 3 a try!